NJCTH and its members concur with the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) that a remarkably few proven interventions, implemented on a wide enough scale, can avoid 100,000 deaths over the next 15 months, and every year thereafter.

For New Jersey, this means saving more than 2,000 lives annually. By harnessing proven methods and implementing these best practices throughout New Jersey's health care system, hospitals will make great strides in improving the quality of care delivery and reducing patient harm.

NJCTH members are stepping up to the challenge and welcome all hospitals throughout the state to join us in this initiative to improve patient safety for New Jersey.

NJCTH Program Management/IHI "Node"
As a certified IHI "Node," NJCTH will serve as a catalyst to spread change processes and oversee the success of this national initiative for participating hospitals, including:

NJCTH is also responsible for bringing all participants together for a formal launch with faculty and best-practice experts; for outlining timelines, project plans and detailed goals; for establishing web-cast learning sessions; for establishing on-going communication systems allowing information to be posted on the designated website; and finally, for disseminating publications, educational materials, or implementation tool-kits to ease individual site work efforts.

NJCTH "Node" Infrastructure
Participation in the 100k Lives Campaign NJCTH Node includes:

Intervention Program Topics
Each Intervention Program Launch Meeting will feature national experts, opportunities to share best practices, and sessions to discuss implementation barriers.

Whether a hospital chooses to apply all, or some, of these changes, its results will be routinely tracked and measured, and this will serve as a regular barometer for the Campaign's progress.

Levels of Participation
To help your hospital implement IHI's improvement initiatives, hospitals will be able to choose from an "a la carte" menu of offerings allowing individualization and customization based on institutional needs.

Participation Levels For Each Intervention Program Topic Include:

Launch meeting, tool-kit, list serve participation, and access to best practice library

Full Participation in Intervention Program Infrastructure, including launch meeting, tool-kit, list serve participation, access to best practice library, and participation in monthly meetings with peers and consultants

Intervention Program Launch Meeting Dates and Enrollment forms will be mailed periodically. To be included on NJCTH's 100k Lives Campaign mail list, call Michael DeRenzo at (609) 656-9621 or email [email protected] with your contact information.



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