Member Services

GNYHA Ventures, Inc., a wholly owned, for-profit subsidiary of the Greater New York Hospital Association, provides an array of important business services to the health care community. These services include a unique business alliance between GNYHA Services, Inc. and Premier, Inc., one of the nation's largest medical/surgical and pharmaceutical group purchasing programs. To learn more about the different products and services GNYHA Ventures offers, please visit their website at or contact John DePierro at (609) 656-9600 ext. 125.
The bfi (Business Furniture, Inc.) Healthcare Division can help you provide a safe, comfortable, efficient and attractive environment for patients and staff. They can make facility change less costly and time-consuming thereby maximizing your facility investment. These solutions help you create and maintain efficient, effective, and human-centered healing environments. For more information on the products and services bfi offers, please visit their website at
The BMS Group can assist a hospital in developing a comprehensive administrative, operational, and clinical program planning to initiate a transfusion free clinical program. Through its database benchmark reports can allow hospitals to compare transfusion rates, clinical initiatives and costs. The reports can assist a hospital in determining program planning needs. For more information on the services BMS Group offers, please visit their website at or contact Ellsworth Havens at (973)-228-1022.
The Jackson Organization is a full-service research and development firm dedicated fully to health care. The central purpose of our specialized, responsive research is making the discoveries that lead to total quality care & competitive advantage. To learn more about The Jackson Organization's services, please visit their website at

Outsourcing Solutions, Inc. is a group of highly experienced professionals dedicated to providing creative, results-oriented solutions to the unique business challenges facing companies today. We offer a full spectrum of customized Human Resources consulting services and programs in the areas of Compensation & Benefits, Employee Relations & Communications, Organizational Development, Management Effectiveness, and Recruitment & Selection. To learn more about OSI's services, please visit their website at