Issue: Quality & Patient Safety Initiatives


While health care delivery has always focused on quality, recent developments on both a national and a regional level have forced clinical quality to the forefront as a critical issue confronting health care providers. Seminal studies published by the Institute of Medicine (IOM) estimated that nearly 98,000 deaths occur annually from preventable hospital mistakes or mishaps. Additional studies outlined principles and guidance for redesigning structures and processes within an environment in which health care organizations and professionals function. NJCTH members have embraced this roadmap, working within their organizations and with external stakeholders such as PRONJ, DHSS, NJCQI to realize substantial improvements

The National Quality Forum (NQF):

The National Quality Forum (NQF) was established in 1999 to facilitate widespread healthcare quality improvement by designing and endorsing national quality of care measurements and reporting system. In response to a request from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, NQF began work on promulgate national voluntary consensus standards for hospital care performance. Thirty nine measures have been disseminated and are intended to promote both public accountability and quality improvement. Additionally, NQF has released the "Safe Practices for Better Healthcare" report, overviewing 30 practices that have demonstrated effectiveness in reducing the occurrence of adverse health care events. To read more about the National Quality Forum, access

Leapfrog Group:

Composed of more than 135 public and private organizations that provide health care benefits, The Leapfrog Group works with medical experts throughout the U.S. to identify problems and propose solutions that it believes will improve hospital. systems. Representing approximately 33 million health care consumers in all 50 states, Leapfrog provides important information and solutions for consumers and health care providers. To read more about the Leapfrog Group, access

Current Action by NJCTH:

The Council supports the Leapfrog initiative and is in the process of implementing all recommendations. NJCTH also supports legislation that mandates reporting of all adverse reactions as called for by JACHO. In addition, the Council is also working with the NJ Department of Health and Senior Services to improve Medicare outcomes.

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